CBSE Report Card Software 2017-18

Based on new guidelines of the CBSE examination pattern 2017, this software is used to generate the Report Cards. The software is very user friendly and it calculated and generates well formatted Report cards very easily. This software has very easy marks feeding option, this includes scholastic mark entry, co scholastic marks entry and remarks entry. The software also has attendance entry system and it also print it on the report card.

Features of the New CBSE Examination System Software

1) Stand Alone Software: Both MS Access based and SQL Server based database.
2) Easy Marks Feeding.
3) Custom Subject Entry: You can enter your own subjects also for example GK.
4) Grade Only and Only In Terminal Subjects: You can enter such type of subjects for which only grades are to be shown in the report card and not in marks. You can also enter such type of subjects for which school does not take exams in unit tests but its exams are only done in half yearly and then final.
5) CBSE Prescribed Format.
6) Other Format Besides The CBSE Format: Software also generates another format having a total of tests and exams with subject wise position and class and section wise position of each students.
7) Attendance: You can also enter attendance and print it on the report card.
8) Takes the Student’s data from Excel or transfer from Citron’s School Management System and synchronizes it anytime with that.
9) Can also be used to send the sms of the marks obtained/Results.
10) Easy Remarks Entry: User can enter remarks based on remark’s code i.e. one has not enter whole remarks text instead he only has to key in code for each remark that is created in remarks master entry.


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